Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Cloudy Day

    Today was supposed to be clear and warm, but sadly, it was not.  Whilst it was warm, it wound up being very patchy and hazy, so I had no clear sunlight to take samples by.  Instead, I brushed up on the IDL programming language (and wrote a quick utility script to process a directory of data files) and began to learn a bit of visual basic to help parse and edit Microsoft office programs.  It all took a while, but it is nice to learn another programming language every once in a while.  I will say one thing: almost every online tutorial for about every language is quite dull and obtuse.  But nonetheless I was able to work through it and get the basics down.  If the weather continues to be disagreeable I've been tasked with parsing and manipulating excel files to create a multi-month simulation data file for modeling a virtual aluminum plant.  Once I get down some more VBA I should be able to parse it straight from excel and put yet another language (partially) under my belt.  In any case, I'll be keeping busy from now on.

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