Tuesday, July 16, 2013

       It has been a bit of a slow transition from DIRSIG into more analytic lab work (everything takes time), but it should all be starting soon.  Once I do a bit of practice work with Dr. lentilucci to make sure I understand everything, I'll be using my supplied laptop and start to analyze some light sources (the sun, fluorescent lights, etc).  It should be cool.
       Overall I didn't have too much to do today, with the switch in subject matter and all.  So I just read Dr. lentilucci's manuscript a bit more, familiarized myself with a few more radiometry concepts, and hopefully all that information will serve me well when I'm actually collecting data.  Us interns also played a fun game of apples to apples as well.  In any case, it's a short post, for a fairly uneventful day.  But once things start to pick up, I think my scheduled work is going to be pretty interesting.

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