Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beginning with the SVC

     Today I finally got introduced to what I will be using for the rest of my internship - the SVC spectrometer, a big, projector looking thing.  Apparently RIT is virtually alpha testing this thing so it has a few errors, but from what I heard nothing I could work past.  It's heavy and the neck strap sort of hurts (perhaps I'll include a picture tomorrow), but not too bad.  I was hoping to do a bit more than the introductory work today, but the sky was cloudy and patchy so without consistent lighting there wasn't much I could do to get accurate samples.  It's all very precise.
     I am excited to use it though.  My measurements with it will be much more precise and careful, making sure that nothing gets in the way of accuracy, and for that reason I feel that it could get a bit tedious at times.  Apparently I can't even stand near my sample because light reflecting from my clothes onto the scene and lens could mess it up.  And to get a good spectral curve distribution I'll have to take quite a fair amount of scans for each sample (I heard the '100' figure being tossed around), and I'll have to be very precise in documenting exactly what I'm measuring to a T.  Seeing as I'll be outside, I just hope it doesn't get too hot.
     Overall, however, it seems interesting.  I'm looking forward to it and it will be nice to collect some useful data for my DIRSIG scene.  Hopefully it all goes well.

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