Monday, July 15, 2013

       For the moment, I'm finished with all my DIRSIG work.  Here are some final images (with some rotational and brightness corrections, simply for visibility), as an example of what I've been working on:

       Simply put, the only thing that really looks good so far is the tree, because that part is the only one that's finished.  The other textures and radiance information I'll be collected once I can start using the labs and doing field work.  Hopefully it all winds up working out well and given me a good final product.  And hopefully it will be enjoyable along the way.
       However, as far as I've heard, that may be still a few days coming.  I met Andrew today, who works in one of the radiometry labs, and he introduced me to some of the equipment and programs I will most likely be using once my field work starts.  I got to see an integrating sphere, monochromator, and a spectrometer (hooked up to the lab computer), and I found it all very interesting.  I think it'll all be very cool stuff to work with and I should be able to use it soon.

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