Thursday, July 11, 2013

       I continued to do more DIRSIG work today, and I really feel like I'm getting used to it.  Finishing up my tutorials, I made a multi-spectral push-broom camera system and began to explore material editing and emissivity curves, which I'll be collect later on in my intern-ship.  I spent a lot of time waiting for my scenes to render, which is always a bit dull, but it was time I could fill with figuring out where all the programs are on the server I'm using (it's all command line based, which is a bit trickier but I like the challenge) and working out where and what I can and must do with files on the file system.  I should probably bring a flash drive, but for now my system works.
       For the most part I like all the other interns and my advisers. Emmett and Chris have been helpful in guiding me through DIRSIG and I've enjoyed talking to the other interns about what they're doing and how their projects are going.  We even had a fairly heated Uno game this morning.  For lunch we've decided to head out for lunch on the campus, and it should be fun (we're actually about to go right now).  Afterwords I'll keep familiarizing myself with bulldozer (for model viewing and testing for DIRSIG rendering), and then I'll probably attend the 4:00 to 5:00 undergrad lecture, and should just about wrap up my day.  I should start work on the custom DIRSIG model Chris made for me tomorrow (perhaps even late today), so I can do some baseline renders and hopefully get a few nice images for my first milestone and final presentation.  Then the real work can begin!

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