Wednesday, July 10, 2013

       Continued to do work and tutorials in DIRSIG today, and I'm beginning to feel more familiar with the program.  It all felt very relaxed today, seeing as there wasn't much more for me to do than try out various capture scenarios and get used to the software.  It won't be a while until I do more hands on stuff, like spectroscopy measurements, but in the meantime I enjoy the intricacies of the DIRSIG simulator.  Today being Wednesday, we had movie hour downstairs and watched some cool videos on stuff like artificial sight and meta-material cloaking.
       In reality, nothing too exciting happened today.  I'm feeling more acquainted with my work and peers and that is certainly nice.  But it will be nice to be able to go do field collects once that is available to me.  Some of the intricate DIRSIG simulations are pretty cool (I found all the push-broom simulations with their fancy timing scenarios to be fun to make), but it will be more enjoyable once I can move from modelling virtual scenarios to analysing the materials needed to make those models.

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