Tuesday, July 9, 2013

       I began to work in my lab (Remote Sensing) today.  I like Emmett and Chris and I think I'll enjoy my work with them.  So far, I've been oriented with what I'll be doing during the start of my internship (probably for around the next week or so), which is familiarizing myself with the DIRSIG rendering program and learning it in and out, and rendering a sample model using the materials provided to me.  Over the course of this, I'm expected to gather data on different materials using the spectrometer (which I should be learning how to use soon), and begin to piece together a more accurate model based on the reflectivity information I acquire.  It is also very nice to have all my paperwork (for the most part) finished.  I've gotten my parking permit, handed in my work forms, and gotten my id and emails.  However, I still have to adjust to having all these new accounts, and I still think I need to get room access to some areas.  DIRSIG is a bit confusing, and I haven't worked out all the kinks and still don't quite understand how to import and create new material files, but I figure I'll find that out tomorrow.
       In general I think so far it is going well.  Although there's still some mild confusion, it is only after all the second day.  I was set up with a nice room with a comfy chair, and I'm excited to start some lab work.  I'm looking forward to an interesting summer.


  1. Jacob,

    I teach many students who are in the technical fields, and I'm wondering.... As you work in the lab and interact with people, what type of communication skills are you using? Is there any writing involved in the lab (apart from your blog)?

    --Your Aunt Sarah, a writing professor :)

  2. I do have to do an abstract and final presentation. So yes, you'll be happy to hear there is a bit more writing.

  3. Very interesting. If you do any work in teams, blog about it.

    Have fun!