Friday, July 12, 2013

       Spent a loooong time rendering my new model (graciously provided by Chris) today.  But I have a lot of fairly hi-res images for down the road at my final presentation and I feel as though I'm using DIRSIG well.  Although there were some file-placement issues, everything is running smoothly now and I've adapted to the workflow.  With it being Friday, us interns had a pretty sweet barbecue outside, complete with burgers, hots, and volleyball!  I decided to work in the reading room today and it is nice to have a bit more light than usual, as well as being able to chat a bit with my fellow interns.  And although rendering delays may not be very productive, I did have a chance to read Dr. lentilucci's manuscript and start to place a finger on all of this radiometry jargon I hear being thrown around.  Though I also used that time to play some Clue, a slightly less industrious endeavor (but in my opinion industrious nonetheless).
       I find a lot of what I'm working with pretty interesting.  While I don't understand the Dr. lentilucci's manuscript fully, it's enjoyable picking up what I can about the field I'll be working in, and personally I find DIRSIG to be a pretty cool program.  Being somewhat computer-oriented, doing lower-level unix "finagaling" to get everything to work has actually been sort of fun.  I don't quite know what I'll do Monday - I can't do much until I can meet the person who will give me access to the ADB and other equipment - but I'll find something.  So until then, may you all have a pleasant weekend.

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