Monday, July 22, 2013

Cleanin' Room

       Today was a fairly interesting mix of activities, bit exciting for a Monday, but it was interesting.  Alongside my spectral analysis, I also helped build a clean room in the basement.  It took a bit longer than expected.  Nothing was well labeled and it was pre-used, but we managed to put up all of the frame and (for the most part) the paneling.  It involved some heavy lifting and loud noises but some decent progress was made.  Still not quite sure we put it together entirely correctly though.
       I also did a bit more optic lab tests.  I retested a few LEDs with a higher integration period, analyzed the spectral irradiance of my computer screen and continued to organize my data and compile a list of what else to measure.  Something like fire or electrical sparks might be cool, but quite difficult.  I think trying a CRT screen however would be fairly achievable and could have an interesting result.  With the moon or the stars I could get a few interesting nighttime captures, and similarly it might be a good idea to just look at an overcast night sky to measure just what Rochester light pollution looks like.  There's still some others (like perhaps some phosphorescent materials.  I'll look through my basement and maybe bring a few things in.  Should give me a few interesting samples, and hopefully some more data to base my abstract around.

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