Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For Thursday, August 8th

       Today I, once again inside due to the weather, took a few more source scans and measured the reflectance of some roofing shingles for Chris.  With the sources I noticed that the ones from yesterday had a few clipping issues, so I had to remeasure some of them (the cfl and blacklight), with adjusted integration times.  I also took a few more measurements of my sources with the USB650, so I would have a few more things to cross-reference.  Overall I feel like I got some fairly good scans (although taking samples of cfls is always annoying).  Also, I got in a bunch of scans with the roofing shingles Chris gave me (about 50), and while doing reflectance samples inside isn't the greatest, I felt like they wound up decent.  I do wish it would clear up outside though.

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