Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dry Run

       All I had today was to return my equipment, give the rest of my data to Emmett and to, primarily, do the dry run of my presentation.  While my was - excuse the pun, "dry", I felt I handled it well, added in some important and informative information, and overall made it work.  I did truly enjoy the work I did this summer, and I feel as though I learned a lot from it.  It's very nice being able to talk about my research topic and actually know just what I'm talking about.  Even outside of the presentation, which went well, I feel as though I'm qualified to field a wide range of questions, so I'm optimistic for tomorrow.  It will be a bit strange leaving this place, but it feels good to be leaving on a good note, with my work done (I feel) well and everything neatly tidied up.  So that about concludes it for my work here.  It was fun.

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