Friday, August 16, 2013

Data Wrap Up

       All my data is collected, for the most part.  It was always sort of "get this, then go get some more of whatever else if you can", so I finished my main stuff a while ago, but I still have a few extra scans which turned out well and should provide some good extra data if it's needed in the future.  I spent today mainly just cleaning up a few more scans (the SVC doesn't naturally handle taking source radiance measurements very well, and sadly the USB650 only really deals with absolute irradiance), but I feel like they're as good as I can get them, without more fancy equipment.  So today I processed my data, both for my material files (which I cataloged away on the DIRS laptop), and touched up my source files a bit.  By next monday, I'll finish my DIRSIG render and start on my way to making and practicing my presentation.

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