Tuesday, August 13, 2013

For Friday, August 9th

       I had a few tasks to accomplish today.  Alongside of Chris' and Emmett's measurements, I, as the temporary keeper of the SVC, had to take a few scans of painted wood for Victoria, and undergrad in the DIRS department.  So I worked hard, and had what I felt was a very productive day.  First I took more source measurements for Emmett, this time getting an LED flashlight, LED backlit screen and a CCFL backlit screen, with both the SVC and the USB650.  From there I moved on, after lunch, to take some indoor measurements of some plywood I found for Chris.  While I'm still not a fan of indoor measurements, It'll have to make do for the time being.  I got 50 scans of those (which I have yet to fully process), but then I moved on to take scans for another one of Emmett's projects, which involved determining the statistical variance between samples of the same material and determining the magnitude of the deviation as a function of wavelength.  That was another 50 scans, and from there I moved onto Victoria's project, taking a variety of scans of a variety of paints.  That was quick, and, once I processed the data, gave me a good place to finish my day.  Overall, I felt like I accomplished a lot.

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