Tuesday, August 6, 2013

       Once again, there were a few good, clear patches of sky today so I had the chance to take more samples outside.  With the help of a few more interns I was able to collect more samples of brick and mulch (goody!), with hopes of getting up to around 100 samples, which although I'm not quite at, I'm fairly close to.  For that half of my project, I still have to get some more samples of sand, concrete, wood, and roofing shingles, but hopefully it stays clear so I can get a lot of data before my presentation.  While I still have to process it and update my scene to incorporate it, that at least isn't weather dependent.
       Meanwhile, now that I have the SVC in my possession, I've been similarly tasked with re-recording the spectral data of my sources with a larger span of wavelengths.  Because the SVC software isn't really completely finished, I'll have to write a quick parsing script for that, but that shouldn't take to long.  Mainly I just need to find some good scientific literature to cross-reference it all to!  In any case, I'll be keeping busy.


  1. The weather seems like giving you a lot of problems these days.