Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Cloudy Day

       I really do wish it would clear up.  While most of my critical work is just about done, I still need to take a few more samples outdoors to get varied but accurate data for, right now, just wood.  Until it clears up, I'm limited in what I can work on.  As a result, I spent a lot of the day coding.
       In-doors there isn't much I can do except process some of my data and create a few scripts to help normalize radiance data for reference across a multitude of measurements.  I did a few test renders on the DIRSIG scene I was provided, now with the updated materials, and for the most part it looks good. I do still want to get samples of wood though, for siding in the model and such.  As for my source scans for Emmett, I have a bunch of sources, most still on the USB650 but a fair number of them confirmed and extended with the SVC scans, but I'm still looking for some good reference sources from them.  While a few will be easy to get, some of my sources may be a bit odd to find references for.  Hopefully I can get something for them.
       In any event, it's cloudy, so I hope it clears up.  Once I can get some more scans outside I can catalog them and hopefully start putting together my presentation.

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