Friday, August 2, 2013

Field Trip!

       Today was the first real day I got any measurements done (for a brief window at least), seeing as it was the day that had been designated for the DIRS field collect of water samples and such down by the lake.  While the weather was still poor most of the time (which attributed to why most of the crew was called off for the day), the sky was sunny and consistent enough for at least an hour that I could get some measurements of sand and concrete with the help of Chris and Nina.  While going out on a boat would have been cool and it would of been nice to still get some more data, it was still better than it had been recently, and plus, Nina was generous enough to treat us to CheeburgerCheeburger afterwords.  It was nice.
       I still have a long way to go in terms of getting all the data I need, but as for the materials in my own DIRSIG scene, this was a good step forward.  Still a few issues importing them all, but by tomorrow I should have at least an image or two of comparison for both my presentation and this blog.  In my humble opinion, I found this to be a fairly productive day.

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